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Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available 21 July 2014 London's most original radio comedy
22 Jul 2014 @ 12:05 pm

Episode Notes:

Writer and comedian Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man on his fifth nose and writer-director of acclaimed Resonance 104.4fm series “The Letter,” is, he’d like the world to know, Available, and dissecting the minutiae of everyday life. Listen live on Resonance 104.4fm or listen via resonancefm.com every Monday at 10pm. (Repeated Fridays at 5pm) (22) This week, Daniel gives us his latest Nectar Points update. Has he emerged from his prolonged store points slump? And he tells us why it’s always a ‘no’ from him to the Lambeth Country Show as the annual event marks its fortieth anniversary. The latte ponce also looks at how shrinking accommodation is likely to impact on the country’s hat industry, and he’s back in the café that holds out against all the sweeping changes taking place in SW8 like Asterix’s village against the Romans. To support the show, visit www.1607westegg.wordpress.com and click on the PayPal link. Please have a sense of what is fair. Follow Daniel on Twitter @1607WestEgg And Facebook.com/DanielRuizTizon Engineer: Chris Dixon


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